Documentation & F.A.Q.


It is easy as 1,2,3.

First steps using HTML5 audio and video

If you never used the HTML5 media elements before go here to learn about the very basic mark-up on which Projekktor mounts.

Quick Install Guide…

… for instant magic. You only have to add two lines of Javascript to your page (and one more CSS for styling) to install Projekktor.

F.A.Q. / Common Issues

If you running into problems using Projekktor or wonder about a specific aspect of this projekkt, give this section a try.

Advanced Setup

(Almost) all about configuration and customization.

Configuration Parameters

There are several options to customize the player just by setting some simple parameters.
Get an overview of them over here.


Thanks to its plugin interface possibilities to extend the player´s functionality are legion.
Go here to find a list of available plugins and how they are handled.


True multi media playlists are a central part of this project and one
of the most outstanding features of Projekktor. Read on, learn

For Developers

The hard stuff.

The Javascript API

Projekktor can be controlled by custom scripts using its javascript API. For the hard stuff go here.

Player Events

Get total control by letting your scripts listen to Projekktor events.

Build the Player from Source

Getting the unminified source running is easy but a little tricky. Go here to learn more.

Theming the Player

Sounds more complicated as it actually is. Hack a single CSS file and optionally a tiny few of
configuration parameters. That´s all – not quick and dirty: simple!