Compatibility Chart

All you device belong to us.

This frequently updated chart lists most common OS- / browser- combinations successfully tested with Projekktor. A combination not listed here doesn´t necessarily mean that the player will not work on it. The combination just might be too rare to be properly tracked. The table also gives an overview of the naively supported video- and audio- formats per each browser. Flash is tested only for availability on the respective platform but not for supported media formats.

The free version of Projekktor supports HLS on iOS-Devices, pseudo streaming as well for native and Flash-playback and RTMP streaming via Flash. Flash -HDS and -DVR functionality is only available via a PRO plugin.

The playlist feature of Projekktor works on all platforms and browsers. Nevertheless multi-media-playlists (a mix of video, audio and images) may cause trouble on some browser-/platform- combinations. Overlays and custom player designs are available on all platforms including iPad – except iPhone, Android Phones and BlackBerry. The Javascript API has been successfully tested on all combinations listed below.

Please note: In case Internet Explorer 6, 7 or 8 is involved this table is inaccurate due to the f*cked up compatibility- and document- modes.

OS Browser Browser Versions Native Playback Flash
MP4/H.264 OGG/Theora WebM OGG/Vorbis Mp3